COVID-19 has brought many disruptions in our lives. Runners, like you and I, could not really run freely nor run together in large groups during this period of time. However, we still would like to continue to encourage everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep this running community going strong. Thus, we are beginning to have runing challenges so that we can find extra motivation to continue to keep fit together as a running community! Beyond that, when we do have the opportunity to gather together once again to run, we would like to use this portal as a means to identify runners who have joined our sessions in case of any needed contact tracing or emergency.

Yes. A one-time registration is required to join us for our run. The following are the steps to get started:
  1. Create a one-time RD account and get a unique QR code
  2. Turn up and check in with our registration crew during the Wednesday and Saturday runs

All runners are required to register prior to joining us at our run. We would like to ensure that we are responsible for ourselves as well as the rest of the running community.

Yes. A one-time registration is required in order for us to generate a QR check-in code to track your attendance for the sessions.

No. All our run sessions are free for runners to join. Running Department is also a not-for-profit running community and focuses on providing runners with free-to-run together sessions.

The run sessions are free for all runners of all levels to attend. However, please ensure you register for a QR code for the event.

Here is a breakdown of the activities for each session:

  • 6.50pm - Registration / Check-In
  • 7.00pm - Call for Baggage Deposit
  • 7.05pm - Photo-taking and Briefing.
    There may also be invited guest coaches / runners who will give a short briefing on training.
  • 7.15pm - Start of Run Session
  • 8.30pm - Conditioning and Stretching
  • 8.45pm - Runners to proceed to check-in their attendance with us
  • 6.50am - Registration / Check-In
  • 7.00am - Photo-taking and Briefing
    There may also be invited guest coaches / runners who will give a short briefing on training.
  • 7.15am - Start of Run Session
  • 8.30am - 9.30am - Conditioning and Stretching
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