Running Since 2013


Founded in 2013, Running Department is a no-frills Singapore-based running community fueled by runners with a strong passion for running. We're not your usual running club or team but a community that welcomes runners of all ages and walks of life to come together to train and support one another. We believe strongly in our vision of keeping running free and accessible to all.

Be it organizing a weekly run session, a holiday run or a pacer programme, we're also committed to doing this on a voluntary basis to give back to the community.

So whether you're a slow or fast runner, doing your first full marathon or just looking for a community to bond with, be sure to take the first step by joining us for a feel-good run! We promise each run to be a fun-filled memory for everyone.

Ready to get started with us? Check out Run With Us to find out how you can get started on this running journey with us!

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