Safe Management Measures Quick Reference

This is only a quick reference to the Safe Management Measures that we have in place. Please still ensure that you have read and understand the detailed Safe Management Measures prior to joining us at the run sessions.

Runners shall register via Running Department’s Train With Us (TWU) website to secure a registration for themselves prior to each run session. Runners who are not registered will not be allowed to join any part of the run session.

Runners shall have to perform SafeEntry check-in with the TraceTogether app / token followed by the run check-in with Running Department QR code.

Runners shall wear masks at all times before and after the run. They will only be allowed to remove their masks at the start of the run, and must wear their masks at the end of the run upon return to the run venue.

Runners shall run in their assigned group of 5, while maintaining 2m physical distance between runners in the group, and 3m physical distance between groups

Runners shall adhere to the assigned run group throughout the run session, and shall not intermingle with members of other run groups at all times. Runners, regardless whether registered or not, will not be allowed to join the group elsewhere, e.g. meeting the group at a certain point along the running route.

Runners shall refrain from physical contact with others, including but not limited to, performing handshakes or high fives.

Runners shall not share water bottles or drinks. Do also note that hydration will not be provided during this season.