General Reminders

As a community, we want to ensure that everyone understand how we should help and support one another during our run sessions.

Here are some general reminders that runners should take note when joining us for a run.

  • Listen to your body. Do not run if you are sick or feeling unwell.
  • Please try to be punctual. We hope to start on time and end on time.
  • As we are a no-frills running community, baggage support may be limited at times. Runners are reminded to keep their valuables with them during their run.
  • Help us reduce the use of paper cups. Hold on to your paper cups during the run and use them for replenishment.
  • Always keep to two abreast, and to the left of the running path so that faster runners can take over.
  • Do not push or cut into another group that is coming your way.
  • Show respect and be courteous to one another.
  • Always keep our training area clean. Do not leave behind any rubbish. Leftover belongings will be disposed after each run session.