Feature Friday

Grace Hannah Chui

One of our bubbly RD crew, Teacher Grace. Ever friendly and genuine to strike a conversation with, Grace left a deep impression on me when I was in the same pacing group with her for the GE Women Run 2017. She never fails to motivate the runners who are running with our group and she is truly an inspiration, one who never quits! 

In her own words, Grace is humorous, principled, loyal, nature-Loving, Pisces, loving, deep, snack-lover, fat? (which i disagree!)

We will miss her in the upcoming GE run this Sunday, 3 Nov but look forward to her return in 2020. 

10 Things About Grace


How did you embark on your running journey?

I wanted to be slimmer and aimed to clock more steps on my Fitbit. But now I can’t live without my Garmin.


When did you start running with RD & what kept you running with RD?

When I got dragged by my ex-colleague, to trial for the income pacer run. All for the sake of a free race entry and a free running T shirt. But what made me stayed on was the friendship and camaraderie at RD. I can never forget that when I was still so raw at pacing, the great support and invaluable advice given to me by my ST pacing team, Tracy, Joey, Terence Low and Azmi. My team never gave up on me but supported and pushed me to complete my pacing job. I was so glad and blessed to have met these people in my life. And this is what keeps me committed to pacing and to RD. And of course, my great wish is to pay it forward to encourage more new runners like me to join in this community.


What is the one pet peeve during race?

I need to use the toilet (a clean one) before race.


What is your typical pre-race preparation like?

Toilet and Milo!


Is Pre-race flat-lay mandatory for you?

No, because I don’t want to be stalked. Hahahaha! :)


The running mantra that keeps you going (when you are ready to throw in the towel during your bad runs)?

Just keep going. The time taken to complete will definitely be less than the time I take to give birth to my children.


Is there a low point in your running journey and how did you get out of it?

Just before I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I was literally beating myself up to why I can’t even complete a 5km route. During 2017 2XU Run, I had to stop and looked for an exit/ambulance at the 4km mark. But unfortunately there was no medic in sight. I dragged myself to complete the race. After I was diagnosed and knew of my condition, it was hard to accept my current running pace. But I had to take one step at a time. Put my pride down and started to enjoy my runs. And I really still do now. I no longer push myself to do intervals or keep to a tight training plan. On the contrary, I just enjoy my runs and go with the flow. Especially on days when I’m too exhausted with work, I love the long runs that gives me time to process or even just to enjoy the quiet moments.


What’s is your preference -Trail or road?

Road. I don’t like my shoes to get muddy. Sorry I’m a pretty clean person.


Favorite (secret) running route that you are willing to share with us?

I really don’t like loops. Anything other than loops and trails, I love them.


Eat to run or Run to eat?

Run to Eat . :)