An important reminder from your favourite running community

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.

When history reports 2020, collective trauma will be at the heart of the story. The current situation is industry, geography, nationality, race or socioeconomic status agnostic. You can be anyone and without a doubt you will be on the emotional roller coaster created by uncertainty of the situation. Yes, even if your identity is that of a "runner", you are on that ride feeling uncertain.

As people who like to keep fit and exercise, we noticed that many activities are halted as part of the heightened Stay Home Measures. Gyms are shut, exercise classes have stopped, non-essential businesses have closed, and beaches, park facilities and playgrounds have been cordoned off. There are officials on duty to ensure we don't gather in masses, and abide by the rules. Sometimes it feels as if Covid-19 is a crime as much as a pandemic. However, all these measures were implemented for one reason: to keep us safe.

A human being has to move because we store trauma, grief and anxiety in our bodies. There is plenty of science behind this. We have to exercise. We have to walk. We have to do yoga. We have to move our bodies. In these times, running may in fact come to feel even more vital.

Despite the stricter measures, we are still able to go out for a run as usual and what a privilege that is! We call it a privilege because there are countries like France where going out to exercise is now only allowed within a maximum of one kilomotre from your home, for one hour, and obviously alone, once a day. 

But having this privilege to run does not mean you should be running every day or for a long duration. Consider mixing up your fitness routine with home-based workouts such as yoga and HIIT workouts. If you do decide to head out for a run, we urge you, our fellow runners, to observe the enhanced circuit breaker measures with utmost care and be wary of taking advantage of this privilege that we currently have: being able to run.

Below are running practices that you can adopt to do your part in helping Singapore flatten the curve while keeping yourself healthy.

We have the power to make our environment safe for me and you. Let's put that power to use  and play our part as responsible citizens and runners.

Stay safe and healthy.

A reminder from your’s truly,

Running Department

Run during off-peak hours

Avoid the crowds at the park nearby. Since the usual hang outs like malls, hawker centres, movie halls and other recreational facilities are closed, more people have been coming out to parks and canals in the evening to exercise, which creates a crowd even though the people are not gathering to socialise. As a result, the best way to avoid these crowds is to run during off- peak hours.

Shift your mindset

You are not running a race (since there’s no race to train for in the near future) so don’t go for long runs which prolongs your time outside home. Shift your mindset, you are now not training for a PB but running to keep fit.

Observe safe distancing

Be patient and courteous when overtaking / passing others and to always ensure that we observe a safe distance with other pedestrians - be it your neighbours or your friendly grab delivery riders. Slow down, our safety is more important than our GPS watch congratulating us on our fastest 5 KM.

Change your running routes

Change your running routes and adopt shorter loops around your home.

Explore new workouts at home

Swap your running schedules by exploring new workouts to keep fit at home. There are many available resources for you to follow online like Fitness Blender or Fitness First and etc.

Keep your mask with you

Always have your mask with you and ensure that you wear it once you are done running. For example, if you stop running at the gate of your apartment block and decide to walk from the gate to the lift, please wear your mask whilst walking.

Put that mask on

Wear a mask if you are taking a leisure walk. A leisure walk does not count as strenuous exercise.

Do not socialise. No #wefies please

Do not stop to socialise even if you bump into your regular running buddies. Get comfortable with just waving from a distance, everyone understands. No wefies please!

Keep clean and sanitise

As soon as you get home, shower and put your dirty laundry in the wash.

Wear a headband / cap

If you sweat a lot during short distance runs, do wear a sweat band to avoid touching your face.

Bring your own hydration

If you are likely to get thirsty during short runs as well, carry your own small bottle and avoid using public water points.

Stay at home

Stay at home as much as possible and enjoy more me-time and family time.