Train With Us

Why Train with Us?

Tired of running alone and looking to find a group of like minded people to run together? After close to a year of not conducting our group run sessions, we are happy to bring back our favourite run-together community run sessions.

However, if due to the limited capacity and you are unable to register for a slot, keep on running and keep on trying to register for a slot the following week. In the mean time, keep a look out for our upcoming Virtual Runs. If some of us are not able to run together physically, let's do it virtually! Do also take a look at these safety reminders before you head out for your runs!

Here's How You can Join Us!

Create An Account

Create a Running Department Train With Us account so that you can RSVP for our community run sessions.

You're good to go if you have an existing account!

Create An Account

Check-in is required for all our community run sessions. You can easily access the QR code as well as your RD Pass in your account dashboard.

Safe-Entry check-in is still required on top of our own RD Pass Check-In!

Create An Account

Ensure that you understand our Safe Management Measures that are in place.

Always have your mask-on and mobile phone with you!