You have done the races, you have followed your trainings and you have broken your own running boundaries. It's time to move on to something else that could be satisfying and of great service to the running community! And No, we're not asking you to stop running. We're asking you to volunteer with us as a pacer!

We are now on the look out for volunteer runners who are able to commit their time with Running Department to take on run leading and pacing projects. We hope that through our community outreach programme, we can nurture passionate runners into future pacers and running leaders.


Get Started Now!

NOTE: Please ensure you have the following documents / information ready before you click on "GET ME STARTED":

  • A Portrait Photograph of yourself
  • A Short introduction of yourself
  • At least 2 Recent Race Timings for Qualification
  • Upcoming races that you have registered


If you have registered with us before, please use the same email address for verification.